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There are an estimated 5.25 million car accidents a year in the United States. Many times due to adrenaline after an accident people can have little to no symptoms, so they fail to present for a proper medical evaluation due to the fact that they are not aware many of these traumatic injuries are prone to worsening with time if left untreated.

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[4 Major Zone Test]


LITZ Test (Light Imaging Trauma Zone Test) after an accident helps detect naked injuries to the eye, trauma to the brain with 4 of the 12 cranial nerves on a cellular level using light and direct visualization. LITZ Test analyzes and helps identify trauma to the central nervous system, optic nerves, and deficiencies, damages and imbalances through the eye that affects the body and brain that is caused by an accident.

[Road Map & Maximize Case Value]

@ MORE $$$

The LITZ Test is FDA approved, more sensitive, more economical than traditional means, and is non-invasive that help guide you and your client; the patient, and gives them best care and peace of mind. While establishing the best diagnosis for the client, and creating a road map for you to establish and maximizing your case value.

[Early Diagnoses & Piece Of Mine]


The LITZ Test helps you detect a problems earlier, and easier. This is key because some symptoms come on only after you've had the problem for a significant period of time... and this can draw the case out longer then needed that means your client's has to suffer. The LITZ Test can help establish and treat more Naked Damage or Irreversible Damage injuries faster or rule them out!

[Schedule Your LITZ TEST]


The LITZ Test is available right now and available in a few Certified LITZ Las Vegas offices. The LITZ Test is non-invasive and fast and lawyer friendly. The LITZ Test team and board certified ophthalmologists and surgeons are ready to help any types of accident victim.

NO COST* Consolation and LITZ Test for your client at the time of service, with established lien.